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Tiled Walls Need Care To Keep Them Sparkling Clean

Keeping a bathroom clean is an essential task, and perhaps one of the most difficult one. All the tiled surface present a big challenge to anyone cleaning it. Whether you have a maid for cleaning in Dubai or not, it is still a challenge to keep the tiles from looking grungy and spotted.

The problem is compounded if you have hard water in your locality. The scaling and spots are hard to get rid of. Dirty, spotted and grimy tiles make a bathroom look unhygienic even if you clean and sanitize it every day. Keeping a bathroom clean and the tiles sparkling and spotless is not a huge big problem if you know how. While most maids and cleaning services in Dubai do know how to attack the stubborn dirt and soapy grime on the tiles, you should know it too.

Clean Daily

One of the easiest ways to keep your tiled surfaces clean is to clean daily. Inculcate the habit of wiping the tiled surfaces after showering or after using the toilet. This helps in avoiding unnecessary buildup and keep your tiles looking clean for longer before you have to deep clean them. This is especially important if you have hard water. Wiping the surfaces down and wicking away the moisture will prevent spotting and calcite build up. Encourage everyone in the family to keep the bathroom dry at all times. Use a squeegee after a shower to wipe down all the surfaces. Use a cloth to wipe clean the faucets as well as fittings.

Routine Care

Use a commercial cleaner or a mixture of 5 liters of water + 1 cup of vinegar to clean the tiles regularly. The vinegar helps to loosen the spots and hard water marks. Use a scouring pad or a brush to apply the solution. Leave it on for a few minutes and then scrub the tiles and the grout to clean them. Wipe it clean it clean warm water. Attack the soapy scum at the bottom of the shower cubicle and around the drain. Use a hard brush to remove it completely and then pour some hot water down the drain to keep it free flowing. You can also use baking soda to clean and deodorize the drain and the shower floor.

Deep Cleaning

Once in a while, the tiles should be given a deep clean. This essentially means that you should use a scale remover and a grease remover to clean the entire tiled surface in the bathroom. Pay special attention to the shower area and the backsplash around the wash basin. Use a commercial cleaner that can dissolve the calcite deposits and without stripping the tile finish. Once the tiles are clean you can give them a great shine by using some furniture polish or a little bit of any essential oil. Take some on a rag and rub the tiles with it for a beautiful shiny surface. Make sure you get none of it on the floor of the bathroom and especially the shower area as it can make the tiles slippery.

Use these tips to keep your tiled surfaces looking as beautiful as new for years to come.

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