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Use a spray bottle while cleaning windows

Woes of Glass Cleaning in Dubai

Regular glass cleaning in Dubai is essential because of the dust. Anyone who has ever cleaned a glass window or a large mirror knows how difficult it is to get it spotlessly clean. If you are a perfectionist, then you have just made your task trickier. There are always streaks and lint left over on the glass. This post will teach you all that you need to know about window glass cleaning in Dubai. After reading these tips, you will be able to clean the windows without streaks or lint.

Collecting the cleaning supplies

The first thing to do is to get all the cleaning supplies together before cleaning the glass. This is essential as you need to work quickly without wasting time. Here is a list of things you will need.

Glass Cleaner: Can be a store bought one or make one at home with white vinegar and distilled water. Make sure it is in a spray bottle.

Squeegee: to remove excess liquid and dry the windows quickly

Lint free cloth – use microfiber as it is super absorbent or make use of old t-shirts. They do the job just as well and do not leave any lint. If you are doing more than one window, you will need a few of these.

Sponge: to clean large windows

Dusting brush and dusters: to remove all dust before cleaning.

Cleaning the Windows

When cleaning the window, the first thing to do is to dust the glass, frame and the window sill before spraying the cleaner. This helps to avoid streaks and dirt later.

Once you have dusted the windows with a duster, spray some cleaning liquid on the glass. Use the squeegee to wipe it down and remove the liquid. Work from the top towards the bottom for the best result.

Next take the lint free cloth and buff the glass well. Work from top to bottom. Repeat the process for the other side of the window glass.

Now inspect the glass for any stubborn marks and streaks, especially around the edges. Use a damp cloth to work on these. Buff again to remove any streaks and excess liquid.

Your windows should be squeaky clean now.

Window Cleaning Schedule

Glass cannot be cleaned without some amount of effort involved, but you can reduce the work you have to put into it by maintaining a schedule. It is essential to clean the windows regularly to keep them from getting too grimy and dirty. It is best to clean the windows at least once a month. Also, dusting them down regularly will help to keep them clean longer. Instruct your maid in Dubai to always dust the windows while dusting the house.

Using distilled water prevents streaking that can occur with normal water which has dissolved minerals in it. Though using a store-bought glass cleaner is okay, but if you believe in green cleaning then using a mixture of white vinegar and water is a better idea. The best ratio is 1:1 for normal cleaning, but if the windows are exceptionally dirty or marked, you can use pure vinegar or a stronger solution too.

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