It is festival time and you need to get your home ready for the festival. The best way to do it is to get some help. You may hire a maid or a cleaning service in Dubai to help you with your festival cleaning. There is so much to be done and there is never enough time. If you try and do everything yourself, you will find that the festival has arrived and there is still a lot to be done. So here is what you should do – get a maid in Dubai and supervise the cleaning.


Festival cleaning is tiring.

Most often this is the only time of the year when we pay attention to the house and this means we need a deep clean rather than just an ordinary cleaning. You do not want your house to look anything but the best and this calls for a thorough look at the house and identify the most dirty areas that need to be dealt with first.

The dirtiest areas of any house our undoubtedly the kitchen, pantry and the washrooms.

All the cooking creates a lot of oily fumes that get deposited on all the surfaces of the kitchen. Then there are those appliances that make cooking convenient but do require an occasional clean and taking care of. The toilets too take a lot of beating.

Constant use and water splashes can cause encrustations and grime to be deposited around the fittings and on the tiled walls. The grouts, the drains and all the fittings need to be cleaned so there are no spots and dirt left in the toilet for your guests to screw up their noses.

The pantry is the place where all your stored stuff and food lives.

You don’t always take care of what is in there just going in long enough to grab what you need and come out. With food around, if the pantry is not cleaned, it can become a repository of pests and insects. This needs cleaning so you can store your festival goodies in peace.

Now that we have identified the dirtiest places, there are other things that need to be looked at. All those lovely knick-knacks, silver and whatnots need a bit of cleaning and polishing. If the season is changing, then the soft furnishings also need a change or at the least a wash and a clean. The carpet has to be dusted, vacuumed and cleaned so it looks nice and doesn’t smell. The upholstered furniture needs to be taken care of. The spots have to be removed and sometimes if it has been a while or the covering is too filthy, you may need to change the covering. Next comes the walls. If you have pets and children. Then there are bound to ne scuff marks and spots on the walls. These need to be removed and if possible give a lick of paint to the walls to refresh them.

The electrical fittings and switch boards have to be disinfected, dusted and cleaned.

The cobwebs have to be taken away and the tops of all the shelves and furniture have to be dusted. This is a lot of work, hence, be smart and hire a maid in Dubai to help you with the festival cleaning. Once you have finished deep cleaning your house your house will look lovely and smell fresh and clean giving you just reason to be truly house proud.