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Having a clean kitchen is essential for health of the family

Typical Woes of Kitchen Cleaning in Dubai

Kitchen cleaning in Dubai or anywhere else is not difficult if you clean well and clean regularly. If you are cooking from scratch as most people in Dubai do, your kitchen is a lot more prone to dirt and grime than kitchens which are used only to cook pre-prepared meals. All the frying, steaming, sauteing, boiling, etc. that goes into preparing a meal can make the kitchen surfaces quite dirty. In this post, you will learn tips to keep your kitchen looking clean and smelling fresh with just a little bit of effort.

Daily Kitchen Cleaning in Dubai

There are certain areas in the kitchen that should be cleaned every single day. This helps to maintain the hygiene in the kitchen as well as keeps the dirt and grime under control.

  • Clean the cooking stove or hob after every meal. Every time you cook, there are spills and splatters that remain on the stove. If left uncleaned, they become stubborn and hard to remove. The heat from your cooking can burn them permanently onto the stove. To avoid this, if you have spilled something, deal with it first before continuing your cooking. It may seem counterproductive, but let me assure you it is far easier to clean a fresh spill than one that has dried and burned.
  • After you have finished cooking, clean the cook top and the kitchen counter with warm soapy water to remove any traces of oil and food from the cooking area.
  • Wipe the tiles behind the cooking stove so any splatters are cleaned away before they dry.
  • Wipe the workspace in the kitchen and wash the kitchen towels and wipes daily.
  • Clean the floor with a floor cleaner. Sweep and then mop it daily.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Cleaning

  • If you are not cooking every meal every day, you can do this every two weeks.
  • After the regular cleaning, clean all the surfaces in the kitchen with warm water and soap. This includes all the kitchen cupboards and surfaces.
  • Pour some baking soda in the kitchen sink and add a bit of vinegar to it. Clean the sink with the mixture to remove stains and deodorize as well as clean out the kitchen drain.
  • Soak the grate from your cook top in warm soapy water and clean it well to remove all the encrusted food particles. Scrub it clean and put it back after it is dry.
  • Clean the filter and grill of the kitchen chimney or extractor.
  • Wipe all the kitchen appliances and clean them out.
  • Clean the refrigerator, oven, and microwave.

Deep Kitchen Cleaning  in Dubai

At least twice a year you should deep clean your kitchen. This will help to keep your kitchen free of infestations and completely hygienic. it also helps in decluttering the kitchen and getting rid of old and expired food items that Deep cleaning is a time-consuming job and you may want to hire a maid or a professional cleaning service in Dubai to do it for you. Deep cleaning of the kitchen requires cleaning of the tiles, grouts, all the appliances, all the surfaces. Inside and outside of all the cupboards, etc. If you wish to hire a cleaning service to deep clean your kitchen you can do so easily through It is a service that helps to connect cleaning agencies with clients in Dubai. it is a quick and easy way to hire a maid in Dubai.

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