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Preparing and cleaning the house is essential before leaving for vacation.

Creating a Checklist for Cleaning in Dubai

There is a vacation coming up and you are busy with the last minute chores that need to be done before going away. But, you need to take time out to preparing and house cleaning in Dubai before you go away. This needs to be done so can enjoy your holidays without worrying about your home and belongings.

There are so many things that need to be taken care of in any home that it is best to create a checklist of things you need to do well in advance. There are bound to be things you may forget so keep the list handy so you can check with it later. House cleaning in Dubai is a must before going away.

A Week Before Going Away

The preparation always starts a few days in advance. Start with securing the house.

  • Make sure that all the locks and bolts are working on the doors and windows.
  • Anything that is likely to be damaged in high wind should be secured properly.
  • Remove all the unnecessary things from the yard and other outside areas and lock them away till you return.
  • If you have chairs, cushions, etc. on a patio, balcony or verandah, remove them and store them away properly to avoid damage from rain or dust while you are away.
  • Move all the house plants into a balcony or a verandah or patio where they can get sunlight and can be watered in your absence. Pick secluded spots for delicate plants. Succulents and cacti can be left inside the house in a sunny location. They can survive without water for a few days.
  • Start house cleaning in Dubai. Begin with the least used spaces such as the balcony and the yard.

A Couple of Days Before Going Away

  • Inform your maid and other domestic helpers of your plans and either give them an off or assign tasks such as watering, collecting mail, newspaper or taking care of your pet, or simply keeping an eye on the house to them during your absence.
  • Inform your neighbors and friends that you are going away and give them the date when you hope to be back.
  • Cleaning in Dubai before you leave is essential. Start to Clean the house a couple of days in advance so the whole house is done by the time you leave. Make sure you take care of all the dirty areas in the kitchen and the bathroom. Clean out the garbage.
  • Take care of any laundry that needs to be done. Iron the clothes and put them away.
  • Put away all the valuables in a secure place.
  • Prepare your suitcase and all the things you intend to carry with you and keep them together.
  • If you have a pet that you are leaving behind, put it in a kennel or leave it with a friend who can take care of it.
  • Clean and vacuum the house, especially the rugs and mats.
  • Have someone come in to take care of your plants in your absence and also to keep an eye on the house.
  • Check the security alarms and make sure they are working.
  • Arrange for someone to come and turn on the outside lights while you are away and turn them off in the morning. The same person can also collect your mail and newspaper if you have not stopped the service.

The Day of Leaving

  • Lock all doors and windows and make sure they are properly secured.
  • Pull all the curtains over the doors and windows to prevent people from prying.
  • Change the bed clothes so you have a fresh bed when you return.
  • Clean out all the trash bins and keep the garbage out so you can put it in a tip on your way out.
  • Clean and dust the house.
  • Make sure all the taps and faucets are closed and there are no leaks or drips anywhere.
  • Turn off the hot water.
  • Take out any perishables from the refrigerators and give them away to your maid or anyone else who may want it. If there is no one to give it away then throw them out with the garbage. Do not leave it in the fridge.
  • Pull the plug out from all the appliances except the refrigerator and the deep freeze.
  • Close, lock and bolt the front door and you are all set to leave.

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